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Tail 41

Tail Fly Fishing Magazine #41 should be in the retail outlets by the middle of this week (if you don’t already have a subscription). I’m particularly proud of this issue, because one of my pet projects, Mark White’s feature on Dwight Hwang’s gyotaku fish rubbings, has produced what I believe is the most striking cover to date. Black and white–who knew…?

My other pet project for this issue is Dave Cornell’s fly tying feature on Bill Gallasch’s Skipping Bug. Lefty Kreh considered the late Bill Gallasch the first fly tier to produce a really fine popping bug for salt water. As a novice saltwater fly angler, the popping bugs I produced and fished for striped bass and bluefish were unskilled attempts at Gallasch’s Skipping Bug, which I first read about in Lefty Kreh’s book Fly Fishing in Salt Water, the 1974 edition (I repeatedly checked the single dog-eared copy out of a local library).

This fly evokes a lot of nostalgia in me. I asked master carpenter and popping bug enthusiast Dave Cornell to replicate this great retro pattern in his modern workshop and take you through the process step by step. The resulting article is, in my opinion, our best fly tying piece to date.


In other features, Joe Doggett takes you on humorous trip to Christmas Island to hunt triggerfish on the flats, Captain Bob Branham demystifies permit fishing, and Tom Gilmore instructs you on how to make full use of seabirds to locate and identify saltwater gamefish and forage. Also in this issue: a tarpon-focused Gear Guide, tarpon flies Inside the Box, great recipes for ceviche and campechana, small batch vodka, and an opine by Scott Sommerlatte. All this and more for less than the price of a four-pack of craft IPA. (And you’ll display this issue proudly on your coffee table long after the IPA has flowed downstream.) Subscribe now and save.