Stewart Collingswood’s Snake Roll

I recently spent two days in the Scottish Borders fishing the River Tweed with Stewart Collingswood of Alba Game Fishing. I’m saving the details of the trip for a magazine article, but I wanted to share this clip with you.

I’ve fished with a few guides over the past 30 years—which is to say I’ve fished with a bunch of guides—for everything from trout to tarpon to tuna. Of all the guides I’ve fished with, Stewart Collingsworth is, without question, the finest caster.

Stewart asked to try my outfit, a Thomas & Thomas Avantt lined with a Wulff Ambush, which I had rigged specifically to swing streamers and wet flies. I got up on the bank and captured this footage with my iPhone. The snake roll is my favorite Spey cast—elegant, efficient, and eminently practical. To watch Stewart execute it was truly a pleasure.

For best effect, enable the HD feature and watch in full-screen mode.




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