–27 June 2018

Casting Shooting Heads

To view the short instructional video I created to supplement the article I wrote for the July/August 2018 issue of Tail Fly Fishing Magazine, go to my most recent post by clicking here.

–28 May 2018

Stewart Collingswood’s Snake Roll

I recently spent two days in the Scottish Borders fishing the River Tweed with Stewart Collingswood of Alba Game Fishing. I’m saving the details of the trip for a magazine article, but I wanted to share this clip with you.

–19 May 2018

Little Brown Trout

Streamer flies are not traditionally used to fish for trout in Scotland, but I’m not quite a traditionalist. I can think of no reason why a Scottish brown trout wouldn’t take a well-presented streamer, but I figured if I wanted to find out for sure I’d better take a few with me…. Continue reading by clicking here.

–23 December 2017

Less Effort, More Distance

Issue 33 of Tail Fly Fishing Magazine, is a done deal. You can pick up a copy at your local fly shop, Barnes and Noble, Bass Pro Shops, or you can subscribe by clicking on the above link. To view the instructional video that supplements my casting article, simply click here.

–21 October, 2017

Tenkara Stripers

I thought you might enjoy Chris Stewart’s blog post (originally published as an article in the Summer 2016 issue of Mike Agneta’s Tenkara Angler Magazine) on striped bass fishing with a tenkara rod…. Read more by clicking here.

–26 August, 2017

A Fly Line Primer

I’m honored to contribute to Tail Fly Fishing Magazine’s fifth year anniversary issue. My article, “A Fly Line Primer,” is my concise attempt to help you most effectively choose and use a fly line for salt water. The publishers have posted this article, in three parts, on the magazine’s blog. To begin reading, click here.

To supplement the article I’ve created a short instructional video (using iMovie and the Hudl Technique app) on marking the head of the fly line. You can view the video by clicking here.

–2 March, 2017

Spotting the Elephant in the Room

The following post appeared, in slightly different form, as a feature article in Tail #27, January/February 2017. Read more by clicking here.

–January 3, 2017

YouTube Channel

Okay, now Master the Cast has a YouTube Channel, God help us. (I’ll try to keep it clean.) You can access it by clicking here.

–January 2, 2017

 Where the Streams Have No Names

If you’re interested in tenkara–and in particular, if you’re interested in fishing for wild trout on very small waters … [Read more]

–September 25, 2016

False Albacore

Josh Wrigley and I spent a great mid-September day off Cape Cod with Captain Artie Sawyer … [Read more]

–August 8, 2016

Video Analysis for Students of Fly Casting

I’m so convinced that video analysis software is going to revolutionize the way fly casting is taught–and learned–that I’ve just put together an ebook-in-the-form-of-a-blog-post on how to get up and running quickly using the Hudl Technique app, which is one of the more popular packages, to analyze your fly cast. Even if you decide to use a different software package, I’m confident you’ll still find a lot of useful information in this post. To start reading it now, click here.

–June 12, 2016

Tenkara Tuesday

Mike Agneta has generously allowed me to write this week’s Tenkara Tuesday post for his excellent blog, Troutrageous! If you’re interested in making your own minimalist fly vials for tenkara or general fly angling, simply click the link.

–June 8, 2016

The Essentials of Distance Fly Casting

The popularity of saltwater fly fishing on the East Coast exploded in the early 1990s with the resurgence of the striped bass population. Suddenly, fly shops were popping up everywhere throughout New England, and it seemed that … [Read more]

–May 16, 2016

Worm Swarming–Finally

I recently got the chance to fish a worm swarming on Cape Cod. This is something I wrote about over 20 years ago…. [Read more]

–April 28, 2016

SunCloud Bifocals

I didn’t set this site up to sell or promote gear, but I have no problem talking about equipment I like–particularly if it’s a good value.

If you’re like me, you don’t have an extra $300 lying around to plunk down on a pair of polarized sunglasses (and if you’re really like me, you probably wouldn’t even if you did)…. [Read more] 

–April 10, 2016

The Casters I Have Never Seen

Conservatively, I’ve taught hundreds of private fly casting lessons over nearly 25 years. If you count seminars, the number of students I’ve worked with might be in the thousands. I say this not to impress you, but rather to impress upon you that I’ve seen a bunch of fly casters—all ages, sexes, and levels of ability.

Teaching fly casting is not a one-way street…. [Read more]