About George Roberts


A fly angler since age seven, George V. Roberts is the author of A Fly-Fisher’s Guide to Saltwater Naturals and Their Imitation (McGraw-Hill), which won the United Fly Tyers Book-of-the-Year Award for 1994. His second book, Master the Cast: Fly Casting in Seven Lessons (McGraw-Hill, 2002) is still in print after 18 years. George’s video fly casting program, Saltwater Fly Casting: 10 Steps to Distance and Power, can be purchased through a number of fly shops and internet retailers, including Amazon. It can also be purchased through the Tail Fly Fishing Magazine Shop.

George has taught fly casting, both individual instruction as well as group seminars, throughout the country for 25 years. He lives on Massachusetts’ South Shore. George holds a Master’s degree in Nursing Education and is currently enrolled in a psychiatric nurse practitioner graduate program. He is also the managing editor of, and a regular contributor to, Tail Fly Fishing Magazine.

To contact George, click here.

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