Less Effort, More Distance

Below is the instructional video I created to supplement my article in the January/February 2018 issue of Tail Fly Fishing Magazine. The video details the technique of shooting line on the final back cast to load the rod deeper for a longer, more powerful delivery with no more effort from your rod arm.

I shot the footage with my iPad Air 2, created the reviews with the Hudl Technique app, and edited them on my Mac desktop computer using iMovie. Although the technique has been written about before, I believe this new technology allows for a more comprehensive visual treatment of the subject.

For best effect, enable the High Definition quality and watch in Full-Screen mode.


One thought on “Less Effort, More Distance

  1. I discovered how to shoot line on back-cast by accident…
    Facing a Headwind, I clumsily lost control of fly line on backcast and shot a fair amount of line…(as you can imagine, it sailed like a kite)
    Then, I grabbed the line and got control… I felt the rod load deeply and on the forward cast, the line shot like a rocket.
    Light bulbs went off…
    It was THE game changer for me.
    I haven’t come across many books that address how useful this technique reall is… Thanks

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