Video Fly Casting Analysis and Remote Coaching Using Hudl Technique


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Updated February 2018: Because of schedule constraints, I’m no longer taking on any new students for remote coaching/video analysis. However, I’m still available, on a very limited basis, to conduct private casting lessons and group seminars, as well as seminars on video fly casting analysis.

Perhaps the two most difficult aspects of making progress in your fly casting are that, first, it’s extremely difficult to see yourself; and second, it can be difficult to find a casting instructor who can pinpoint the problem areas of your cast and offer specific information on how to correct them. This is especially true for the more advanced caster: The better your casting, the better an instructor you need to help you get to the next level.

Because quality video is now accessible to the average person (via smartphone or tablet), and because there are now apps available that allow sports coaches to critically review video clips of athletic performance (e.g., Hudl Technique), I am able to offer comprehensive video analysis and remote coaching to experienced casters who may not be able to travel to my part of the world for personal instruction (or who are not able to arrange for me to visit them).

This is how it works: First I’ll have you join my team on Hudl. Next, I’ll have you shoot some quality video of yourself and share it with me. I’ll watch the video, then I’ll create a voiced-over video review of the clip in which I use slow-motion, stop-action, and drawing tools to highlight various aspects of your cast and offer specific suggestions on how you can improve. If applicable, I may share with you some videos of myself demonstrating various aspects of the cast. If necessary, we can reinforce this with a telephone or video conversation (e.g., Google Hangouts).

As an example, take a look at the following review on loading and unloading the rod I created using the Hudl app. (For best effect, enable HD quality and watch in fullscreen mode, the controls to which are at the bottom right of the screen.)

You cannot overestimate the value of having a knowledgeable fly casting instructor give you feedback on your cast. Video analysis goes light years beyond verbal feedback. Video analysis allows you to see exactly where the problems are, gives you specific advice on how to remedy them, and creates a visual baseline against which you can compare future videos, as well as a visual record of your progress. Video analysis can also serve as an effective follow-up tool for those who have taken personal instruction with me. If this technology had been available when I was learning to fly cast I’m convinced it would have taken years off my learning.

To be clear, nothing replaces hands-on instruction with a good fly casting instructor. However, if it’s unfeasible for you to travel to me (or to hire me to come to you), video analysis and remote coaching may be a cost-effective alternative to have your cast analyzed by me and is perhaps the next best thing to hands-on instruction.

Video analysis is not for the beginner or casual student. It’s for the serious student of fly casting only.

Read My Ebook on Using Hudl Technique

To help get you up and running quickly using Hudl Technique to analyze your fly cast, I’ve put together a free ebook-in-the-form-of-a-blog-post. Read it by clicking here. 

On a limited basis I’m available to conduct seminars devoted to video fly casting analysis–either geared toward students or geared toward instructors–for your fly shop, club, or organization. To inquire, visit my Contact page.