Fly Casting Instruction with George V. Roberts


Fly casting is a physical skill that is built incrementally over time. To become an accomplished fly caster requires two things: knowledgeable instruction and regular practice. I’m convinced that anyone can become an exceptional fly caster if he or she receives proper instruction and is willing to put in the work.

I’ve been teaching fly casting for more than 25 years. Among my most accomplished students is Sheila Hassan, who is the Director of the Wulff School of Fly Fishing and has authored two books on fly casting.

Private Instruction

My schedule is such that I’m unable to take on new students. If you desire instruction, I can recommend one or two instructors in the area. The instructors I recommend will cover the same material as I would.


I’m available, on a very limited basis, to conduct casting clinics and seminars (including seminars on video analysis) for your group, club, shop, business, etc.

Video Analysis and Remote Coaching

Due to time constraints, I’m no longer taking on students for remote coaching/video analysis.