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Here’s a video clip shot with my iPad Air 2, created with the Hudl Technique app, and edited on my Mac desktop computer using iMovie. This clip showcases the technology’s strengths as a tool to analyze the fly cast and to demonstrate and teach techniques.

This particular clip will act as a video supplement to an article that will appear in the January/February issue of Tail Fly Fishing Magazine titled “Less Effort, More Distance.” This will also be the title of the casting demonstration I deliver at the 2018 Fly Fishing Show in Marlborough, Massachusetts. Finally, I intend to use the clip as part of a Keynote presentation for a seminar at the Marlborough Show titled “Video Fly Casting Analysis.”

This clip details the technique of shooting line on the final back cast to load the rod deeper for a more powerful delivery with no more effort from the rod arm. Although the technique has been written about before, this new technology, I believe, allows for a more comprehensive visual treatment of the subject.

For best effect, enable the High Definition quality and watch in Full-Screen mode.